Haymatic moisture meter

Automatic digital moisture meter for quick and accurate determination of the water content in hay and straw.

Avoid fungal attack, fermentation and self-ignition by knowing the correct moisture content before storage.

Haymatic Digital

  • Digital read-out of moisture contents between 10-80%
  • Standard spear length 25 or 50 cm
  • Accuracy: Approx. 1%
  • Separate handle w/ core

Agrotec 200 electronic weighing scale

Agrotec 200 is a universal weighing scale with the possibility to work with up to 8 different recipes. Can be used for normal gross / net / tare weighing. Furthermore it is equipped with a pre-set system for weighing of 10 different components.

When using the pre-set systems, a relay module is necessary. The relay module can be used to start / stop e.g. conveyors, augers etc. for the individual metering of components into the mixer.

The scale has automatic caster control and can operate with up to 8 different recipes for the 10 components. The scale logs the data.


  • Large display w/ 80 mm tall digits
  • Feeding relay card
  • Discharge relay card
  • Remote control by means of an IR module
  • Printer

Weighing cells

Weighing cells

The weighing cells can be used for mixers, metering systems, buffer bins, platforms, silos, weighing bridges etc.

Type 1,0Z / 2,5Z / FL 6,0Z / FL 12,0Z

Weight 1,0 / 2,5 / 6,0 / 12,0 tonnes

Accesories Foot / Rocker Pinn-system

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