Straw Preparation

Stratek offers you machinery- and equipment or turn-key plants for straw- and hay preparation for any industrial application

Capacities are ranging from 0.5 t/h to 30 t/h

Examples of plants are:

  • Production of straw bedding products for horses and agriculture
  • Feeding of straw burning systems (straw boilers)
  • Preparation for straw pelletizing
  • Preparation for straw particle board manufacturing
  • Preparation of hay and straw for horse feed manufacturing
  • Preparation, de-dusting and metering of hay and straw for pet packs
  • Preparation of straw for biogas production
  • Preparation of straw for 2G bioethanol
  • Stratek products can be used in combination with the following makes: Kahl, Salmatec, CPM, PTN, Matador, Andritz, Paladin, LaMeccanica, Cormall etc.

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