Dust Handling

VETYFON is a modern reversed jet filter with remarkable qualities for filtration of dry and sticky dust particles.

The VETYFON filter is particularly suitable for handling dusts, when the raw materials are straw or hay.

The filter is delivered with a buffer for e.g. straw - or hay dust. The dust is discharged through the bottom by means of a rotary valve and an auger for disposal or re-introduction into a process like e.g. a pellet mill or a briquetting press.

The filter has a reversed-jet system, which automatically keeps the filter bags clean during operation. Consequently, the filter works with a low pressure drop, which only will change slightly, even in continuous operations.

The round VETYFON filter is supplied in an explosion-proof- and industrial design.
  • Reversed-jet cleaning system
  • Maintenance-free construction
  • Change of bags from the side or from the top
  • Advanced control functions, easily integrated in modern electronic control systems
  • Non-relay operated electronic control

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