Straw Feeding Line

Stratek full automatic straw feeding line for

  • De-stringing and de-baling of large square straw bales

To be used for:

  • Biomass boilers
  • Straw pelletizing plants
  • 2G straw based bioethanol plants
  • Straw based biogas plants


  • Bale receiving conveyor (from crane system or forklift)
  • Back-up” conveyor to ensure an even straw bale intake
  • Automatic string cutter
  • Automatic string remover (de-stringing)
  • Guillotine for the separation of the bale wads prior to the shredding process
  • Shredder type SP-6 (de-baling)
  • Pneumatic operated stone trap


  • Industrial designed and engineered
  • High capacity
  • Low power consumption
  • Low- and easy maintenance (slow spinning rotors)
  • At lot of adjustment facilities
  • Very operator friendly

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