About Stratek

Stratek was founded by Hans Bossen April 1st 1997 with the purpose of supplying machinery, equipment and plants to the industry producing commercial products from hay and straw. The experience however, goes back to 1986 when Hans Bossen became active within the hay- and straw business.

Since then the markets were developed and Stratek supplies today plants and equipment to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S.

Denmark was a pioneer country with regard to utilization of biomass especially straw. Straw is used for feedstuff and bedding on farms. However the surplus straw is used for energy purposes on farms, district heating- and power plants.

Whatever the straw is used for it has to be prepared before the process. Stratek is specialized in this process consisting of a number of partial processes. For instance when producing straw pellets, the straw needs to be shredded, then milled, before it is metered into a pellet mill.

Straw is also used for animal bedding products, sold to farmers and horse owners. Another different segment is high fibre / low energy horse feed. Horse feed for horses to be kept slim and fit and the prevention of laminitis.

Stratek supplies also complete solutions for producers of pet hay packs. The hay or straw is baled into 1 kg packs and sold in pet stores.

Customer requirements are converted into technical solutions in a close cooperation. Stratek is also handling service task with ordinary maintenance and repair of plants.

The Stratek office is located near Skanderborg and the production facilities in the nearby area.

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