Multi Shredder MS-260

Multi Shredder MS-260 – single rotor

The industrial Stratek Multi Shredder type MS-260 for efficient and fast shredding of any bale type in a continuous- and even flow. The Stratek Multi Shredder can be used for many commercial purposes and is used by a large number of European producers for bedding material, animal feedstuff, straw pelletizing etc.

The industrial Stratek Multi Shredder type MS-260 is equipped with:

  • Rotating hopper
  • 1 rotor equipped with 78 blades
  • Discharge auger
  • Adjustable shredding grids
  • 2 pcs. stone traps
  • Automatic reversing of machine in order to optimize wear and tear on knives


  • Capacity: 1.5 to 2.5 t/h Shredding fineness: Approx. 70mm
  • Main motor: 30 kW Hopper diameter (inner): 2.200 mm.


  • Automatic bale conveyor for straw bales
  • Straw mill (2nd stage = milling)
  • Cyclone, rotary valve and filter unit and buffer- and metering silo

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